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Four Simple Steps for a Memorable Brand

Written by: 

Ashley H.

4 min read


As a Small Business owner, you have a lot on your plate. But with all the hustle and bustle, you will still want to ensure you take the time to create a memorable brand. Here are four simple steps to help you get started.

1. Start with the problem.

What is the problem you are solving for your customers? Starting with the problem allows you to quickly grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. It allows you to clearly communicate your product to your customers and how you can help them. People will remember your marketing if they feel you can solve one of their problems; recalling your product the next time that they have that problem! When people face a problem or challenge, they are naturally motivated to find a solution; so clearly articulate that you are that solution.

2. Find your customer.

In order to be meaningful and likable, you need to know exactly who your customer is. You want your customers to like your band so ensure you become extremely familiar with who your ideal customer is and how they communicate. In order to be memorable, you need to know what your customer will remember. Do they like things that make them laugh? Do they think strategically, or are they more creative? Understanding the psychology behind how your customer thinks will help guide you to craft the right message. This will also enable you to craft your marketing statements in a way where your customers can relate.

3. Create a vision board with long term goals.

Did you know? Brain science has conclusively shown that visualization can help rewire your brain. We can focus on specific things, or goals, and filter out the things that don’t support them. With a brand vision board, you are able to stay ‘on brand’ with each decision you make because you have a strong vision for what the end goal should be.

4. Set your core values.

Core values are part of your brand personality. Create a personality that is consistent and repeatable among several modalities. Remember to keep your list of core values to no more than four. In order to remain memorable, you need to be clear. People should walk away knowing exactly what you’re offering and how you’ll meet their need. If your messaging is unclear, it might be difficult for customers to remember your business.

Once you have a solid brand identity in place, you can then move into promoting that brand in print, online and over social media sites. Keep in mind: It can be hard to stay consistent to your brand personality across all of these modalities, but reflecting upon the problem you are solving, who your customer is, and remembering your vision, you are sure to remain consistent and serve your customers.


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