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The Academy is where you'll find on-demand courses based on education tracks. Consider this your one-stop shop for free resources to help you accelerate your small business.

Start Track

Embark on your business journey with us - Dive into essential skills, ignite your passion, and shape your new business into something truly unique.
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Build Track

Elevate your business to new heights - Discover key tips for bringing your product or service to market and find out how to grow your business smoothly and successfully.
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Amazon Tools

Discover Amazon’s offerings that can help your small business scale.
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Live Q&A and Workshops

Live Educational Events

Level-up your entrepreneurial skill set. Take a deep dive into a particular topic with our free live events and Q&A sessions.

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Looking for something specific?

Level-up your entrepreneurial skill set. Take a deep dive into a particular topic by searching our entire library of content, tailored to your business’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin?

Head over to The Academy and enroll in either the Start Track or the Build Track. Alternatively, you have the option to pick and choose specific courses that align with your small business needs. For Amazon-specific offerings, explore our Amazon Tools resources here.

What kind of technology is required to attend a webinar or take an online course through The Academy?

To participate in a live webinar or take a course through The Academy, you will need access to a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. For the best user experience, we recommend using a desktop computer.

What materials do I need to bring to attend a webinar or take your courses?

While you may choose to take your own notes, there's no need to bring any materials with you. We offer exercise guides for easy download throughout the courses for your convenience.

Who creates the course material?

We’ve partnered with industry professionals from Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) to develop the Start and Build Tracks for you. Amazon Tools is created by experts from Amazon Small Business Academy in partnership with various Amazon teams focused on small business empowerment.