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Workshop: Making strategic decisions

December 5, 2023

9:00 am


9:45 am

2023-12-05 9:00
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What You'll Learn

As an entrepreneur. you're constantly making business decisions that may impact growth or performance. Join us as we break down the decision making process, and review the "impact and effort matrix", a tool designed to help you prioritize your choices as you are making those difficult decisions.

What to expect: You'll practice real-world scenarios with Amazon Small Business coaches, answering questions like "what are some factors to consider when I have two options that are less than ideal?" and "what are some ways to identify alternatives?"

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs and professionals in leadership positions.

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Tashfeen R.

Amazon Small Business Coach at Amazon

Tashfeen has over 15 years of experience of coaching small business owners. In that time, he has worked with Fortune 500 organizations, partnering with small business owners to help launch or acquire over 100 companies in the franchise and logistics space. Tashfeen holds an MBA and a Masters in HR Management from the University of Texas in Arlington.


Ashley H.

Amazon Small Business Coach at Amazon

Ashley has launched and managed Amazon buildings all throughout the United States; focusing on training leaders on how to successfully hire and lead teams, manage inventory and run efficient buildings. Ashley caught the entrepreneurial bug in 2016 launching her own business and since then has had a heart for empowering entrepreneurs to go after their dreams.