Classroom is where you'll find live and on-demand webinars based on learning tracks (Start, Build & Launch) and office hours. Consider this your one-stop shop for free resources to help you accelerate your small business.

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Start Track

Identify your passions, purpose, and motivation before launching your business
Explore Start Track
  • Learn how to come up with a business idea
  • Find and define your business purpose and motivation
  • Discover your target audience
  • Get familiar with the basics of business strategy and finance

Build Track

Scale your ideas with key business, product, and service considerations
Explore Build Track
  • Explore ways to develop and improve your product idea
  • Delve into the procurement process
  • Navigate the basics of finances and protecting assets
  • Take your product to market with a solid business plan

Launch Track

E-commerce is changing the retail game; find resources to grow your business online
Explore Launch Track
  • Dive into the world of e-commerce
  • Turn the vision of selling your product into a reality
  • Learn how to become an online retailer with Amazon
  • Explore Amazon’s specialty programs for small business owners

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

You can start by taking the Self-Assessment, where you can find a recommended track based on where you’re at with your business. You can also self-select your preferred track on our Classroom page.

Can I watch the webinar at a later time?

Yes, all live webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the website within 24 hours.

What kind of technology is required to attend a webinar?

You’ll need a desktop, tablet, or mobile device to attend a live webinar. Amazon Small Business Academy uses, which works best on desktop. Click here to learn more about GoTo Webinar’s system requirements.

What materials do I need to bring to attend a webinar session or an office hour?

No need to bring anything. For your convenience, an exercise guide will be available to download with each webinar, so you can take notes and easily find additional resources.

Who creates the course material?

We’ve partnered with industry professionals from Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) to develop the Start and Build Tracks for you. The Launch Track is created by experts from Amazon Small Business Academy in partnership with various Amazon teams focused on small business empowerment.

Why can't I access On-Demand webinars, even though I'm logged in?

That can happen if the account was not verified. Please do the following:

1.      Sign out of

2.      Go to your email, find Verify your email from and click on Activate account button

3.      Go back to and sign in

4.      Try to access the gated content again