Classroom is where you'll find live and on-demand webinars based on learning tracks (Start, Build & Launch) and office hours. Consider this your one-stop shop for free resources to help you accelerate your small business.

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Start Track

Identify your passions, purpose, and motivation before launching your business
Explore Start Track
  • Learn how to come up with a business idea
  • Find and define your business purpose and motivation
  • Discover your target audience
  • Get familiar with the basics of business strategy and finance

Build Track

Scale your ideas with key business, product, and service considerations
Explore Build Track
  • Explore ways to develop and improve your product idea
  • Delve into the procurement process
  • Navigate the basics of finances and protecting assets
  • Take your product to market with a solid business plan

Launch Track

E-commerce is changing the retail game; find resources to grow your business online
Explore Launch Track
  • Dive into the world of e-commerce
  • Turn the vision of selling your product into a reality
  • Learn how to become an online retailer with Amazon
  • Explore Amazon’s specialty programs for small business owners